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Story Of The Contaminated Blood Scandal—Study

A brother among the six who were infected by the blood that was contaminated has stated how 4 of his brothers died. Providing critical evidence, John Cornes stated that hemophilia treatments had seen him get infected by Hepatitis C. His family’s mental health was ripped apart, with 2 children changing their surname, as a result of the stigma involved. The inquiry will be held until June 21.

Patients numbering at thousands were handed infected blood transfusions during the ’70s and the ’80s. It is alleged to be the darkest moment in NHS history. Over 4800 patients with hemophilia got infected with Hepatitis C over 20 years. Over 2000 of them have perished due to this.

Cornes, who is 58 and hails from Birmingham, stated that 3 of his siblings contracted HIV and passed away during the 90s,One more brother passed away 2 years previously due to Hepatitis C infection.

Roy, Cornes’ brother, had unknowingly transmitted HIV to a girl, causing her death. When the press happened to know this, they destroyed the family’s mental health. They were reported as scumbags and AIDS family. Over 50 reporters stayed hidden during Gary’s funeral to photograph the event.

Gary’s wife was also infected and died 19 years ago. She was a victim of HIV/AIDS as well. He stated that a lot of his family members had passed away due to the infection, around 30 of them. His family’s treatment was like what Irish people went through during 1974, after the pub bombings.

Stating that it wasn’t his or his family’s fault that they were infected, he pleaded for a just treatment. Regardless, they were hounded by media and neighbors alike. Cornes stated that when he started receiving hemophilia treatments, it was restricted to just transfusion along with icepacks to control bleeding. No one was informed of potential virus transmission back then, he said.

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