3 Public Health Interventions Can Reduce Global Cardiovascular Death Numbers

Non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular ailment, still account for the premature death of millions. New research has shown that implementing just 3 interventions globally could resolve this. The study was conducted at Harvard. About 17.9 million deaths in a year are caused by cardiovascular issues. That’s about 31% of global deaths annually, with strokes and heart attacks forming 85% of the deaths.

About 94 million people can be saved over a span of 25 years during 2015-2040 on implementing these measures. However, policymakers worldwide would have to dedicate to implement them. These findings were published in Circulation, a prominent study paper.

The 3 interventions were reducing BP levels, decreasing sodium intake & completely eliminating trans-fats from one’s diet. These measures are enough to prevent millions of deaths every year on a global scale, just with enough push from a country’s laws. The research saw members test data on all these indicators on subjects from various countries. Health surveys & cross country estimates were used to obtain reasonable projections.

Providing access to blood pressure treatments for at least 70% of human population would save around 39.4 million lives. Decreasing salt intake by around 30% will also prevent over 40 million deaths. This will also reduce BP rates across the world.

High BP rates are judged to be the top factor for development of various cardiovascular diseases as it places them at enhanced risks. Reducing trans-fat intake, currently widely available in various junk foods, can help over 14.8 million people live a longer life.

The team lead by Danaei stated that more than 50% of all premature deaths sought to be prevented by these measures and 66% of deaths before 70 that would be prevented would probably be seen the most in men. Africa, South Asia, Pacific, and East Asia would see tremendous benefits if these measures were implemented, the study stated. The researchers stated that these interventions were entirely effective if used as planned.

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