Twitter Ignores Trolls Promotion Of Hate Abuse Through Its Lesser Known Feature

Social media has its own charm but when it pops out its ugly head, the red flags start flying. A similar thing has happened with Twitter, as many users especially women got randomly added into lists with offensive names and contents of hateful quality as the trolls made use of a flaw in the programming.

People generally noticed that they got added to such problematic lists 5 to 6 times a month but sometimes the numbers ran as high as 12 to 20 times as well. This has been made possible because of the Twitter list feature available which enables a user to customize the feed based on the content they like. However, this facility has been grossly misused as trolls include different users, with women with a lot of followers occupying a large chunk of their targets, and they get randomly added to it. Many women see it as a form of harassment as they have to be on their toes all the time as they are not aware of what lists they are a part of, unless they receive tweets of similar context.

Twitter is not completely oblivious to the situation though. In fact, in 2017, it did try to take a step by making introducing a change which did not notify people on being added to a new list. This was not met kindly as people wanted to know what list they were added to so that they could delete the nefarious one immediately. Thus, Twitter reversed the decision at that time. However, any other or sterner steps have not been taken yet to deal with the situation since the time of reversal and many users are questioning Twitter’s approach while dealing with this situation. Some users are so unhappy with twitter that they are considering alternatives of Twitter for the social media.

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Joyce Lattimer

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