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Brexit Cost The UK Government Dearly In Consultancy Fees

The National Audit Office has stated that the UK Government has spent £97m for the consultancy of Brexit deal. They also added that this money was specially spent on hiring professional external experts as there was no one in the government departments.

The NAO has criticized that it shows lack in skills of UK government which were needed for the situation and also it shows lack in transparency because the estimated value is higher than the value which was earlier stated by Cabinet Office.

The Cabinet Office earlier stated that the money spent on consultancy services was £65m and it was from April 2018 to April 2019. But according to the NAO audit reports, there were £32m more spent in the same given period.

Since the date of Brexit deal shifted to 31 October so it also extended the contracts engaged with the deal. The NAO added that due to date’s extension, the departments would be continuing their procedures and this will definitely raise this cost even more.

According to the US government guidelines, genuine details of such contracts were supposed to be published within 90 days but NAO have found that the department took almost 119 days for providing the basic information.

It is also stated that six firms had 96% of the total Brexit’s work which included Deloitte, EY, PA Consulting, Boston Consulting Group, PwC and Brain and Company.

However, one of the government’s spokesperson stated that hiring external consultants is even more cost efficient when there is a need of specialists for any short term project.

A spokeswoman from Management Consultancies Association said that she and her fellow consultants had been very proud that they have provided expert support to the UK government for preparing the Brexit deal especially at this critical point of time for the country.

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