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US Visa Applicants Will Now Have To Divulge Their Social Media Info

Almost all the applicants for the visas of the US will now need to submit the details of the social media under the new rules.

 The regulations of department of state say the people will need to submit names of social media and phone numbers and email addresses of five years. Last year when this was proposed, the authorities had estimated that the proposal would be affecting 14.7 million individuals annually.

 Certain official visa and diplomatic applicants would be exempted from these tough new measures.

However, the individuals travelling to US for working or studying would need to give their information. The department said that they are working for finding mechanisms for improving their process of screening for protecting US citizens, while supporting authorized travel to US.

Previously, only applicants who needed extra evaluating like individuals, who have been there in those parts which were controlled by groups of terrorists, would require giving them this data.

However, now applicants would need to surrender their account names on various platforms of social media, and volunteer their account details on sites that are not listed.

As per an official, any person who fabricates his social media usage will have to face consequences of serious immigration. Trump administration had first proposed these rules in the month of March in 2018. At a time when the Union of American Civil Liberties, which is a group of civil rights said that there isn’t any evidence that this kind of monitoring of social media is fair or effective and that it would make people self-censor online.

Donald Trump, the US President, made the immigration’s cracking down an important point for his campaign in the year of 2016. He had called for immigrant’s extreme vetting both before and during his period in office. Trump on Friday promised to impose the slow rising Mexican tariffs only if the country restricted its illegal immigration at southern border of US.

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