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Microsoft Clues At New Modern Windows Operating System

Microsoft still has not formally verified the presence of its speculated Windows Lite OS, but the software behemoth is dropping some pretty huge clues about the future of the OS this week. Corporate vice president at Microsoft for device sales and consumer, Nick Parker, at Computex appeared on stage to detail the firm’s dream for a modern OS. While Parker did not reveal Windows Lite, a speculated lightweight edition of Windows for Chromebook-like and dual-screen devices, he did introduced how the firm is getting ready for new types of device.

These new machines will need what Microsoft dubs as a “modern OS,” that comprises a set of “enablers” such as faultless updates. We have seen different promises about Windows Updates being enhanced over the years, but Microsoft is now pledging that “modern OS upgrades are done invisibly in the background; the upgrade experience is reliable, deterministic, and instant with no disruptions!” This sounds very different from the experience of Windows Update available on Windows 10 this week, and it seems far more Chrome OS-akin.

This “modern OS” is also safe by default as per Microsoft, indicating the state is divided from the OS and the device is “separated from apps,” which seems a lot more cloud-based than what we are accustomed to now.

On a related note, Chrome is finally prepared to employ media buttons of your keyboard. Google has launched the polished edition of Chrome 73, and its highlight is support for the media keys on many latest device keyboards. You will require a Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS system (Linux is arriving later), but this will allow you stop a web video even when the app is running in the background. We can see this causing issues if you frequently leave a media application open, but it can be hugely valuable if you treat YouTube similar as a jukebox.

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