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Measles Vanishes The Pathogen-Recognition Memory Of The Immune System

Viruses usually target host cells in the body and use them as virus-producing factories. Afterward, the newly generated viruses cause an infection inside the body showing symptoms such as cough, common cold, fever, and fatigue. Such viral infections can be controlled automatically by the immune system’s defense mechanism.

However, some kind of viruses, such as HIV and Rubeola virus, directly target the body’s immune system and breaches the in-built defense. Rubeola virus—the causative agent of measles—has the ability to vanish out the past infections information saved by the immune system. This way, the virus can survive in the body for longer periods, tricking the immune system. This can also lead to possibilities of other pathogenic attacks, which cause ear infection, pneumonia, and diarrhea.

Researchers at University Medical Center in the Netherlands thoroughly examined Rubeola viral infection cycle by conducting in vivo experiments. The virus transmits through the air and enters the host’s body through respiration. The virus targets the immune cells present in the mucus coating of throat and nose, & alveoli—gas exchange air sacs. Through the bloodstream, these virus particles circulate inside the body to reach immune cells producing organs, such as thymus, bone marrow, tonsils, and spleen.

On a similar subject, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is considering prohibiting possible measles victims from traveling states, as measles infection is continuously expanding across the US. The reported measles cases in the nation have surpassed its maximum in the past 25 Years.
Sixty new measles cases have been reported by the USCDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) at the start of this week. The reported cases for this year have reached 940. Twenty-three short of the total cases reported in the year 1994.

According to the newspaper, the federal government could restrict eight people residing in five different states from boarding to other states.

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