Huawei Will Be Able To Send Software Updates To Handsets For 3 Months

Huawei will be capable of sending software upgrades to its handsets for the upcoming 3 Months in spite of an effective sales prohibition in the US, after getting a provisional license from the Commerce Department of the US.

Effective from this week, the license permits Huawei to take action “required to offer support and service, comprising software patches or updates, to current Huawei smartphones that were accessible to the public on or prior to May 16, 2019.” The license will also let the firm to maintain its current network tool, and to get security vulnerability revelations.

Earlier, the Trump management announced a national emergency that let the Secretary of Commerce to ban tech payments that were believed to be national security risks. Soon after, the management efficiently blacklisted Huawei, prohibiting any US firms from conducting business with the Chinese telecom behemoth without authorization from the government.

Google soon declared that it might no longer offer its services for Huawei machines, even though it claimed that the firm might carry on using an open-source variant. Google claimed that the services might also be maintained on current Huawei handsets.

On a related note, last week President Trump announced a national emergency to prohibit the use and sales of telecom equipment that cause “unacceptable” dangers to national safety. While the official order did not explicitly name nations or firms, it tasked the Commerce Department with making enforcement strategies. Hours later, the department included Huawei to its supposed entity list, hinting it thinks the firm is breaching “foreign policy interest and national security.”

A few days back, the department eased up slightly on the ban, with a spokesperson claiming it may offer Huawei a provisional license to stop the interruption service for current networks. Yet, firms such as Intel, Google, and Qualcomm have since declared that they will obey with the prohibition, banning supplies and service to the Chinese electronics behemoth.

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