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Anxiety Could Be Alleviated By Controlling Gut Bacteria

People who encounter anxiety symptoms may be helped by taking measures to control the microorganisms in their gut system by utilizing probiotic food, non-probiotic food, and supplements, as per to a new study. The study was published in the journal of General Psychiatry. The anxiety symptoms are ordinary in people having mental diseases and a range of physical disorders, particularly in diseases that are related to stress. The past studies have demonstrated that as many as a third of person would be affected by anxiety signs and symptoms in their lifetime.

Increasingly, a study has shown that gut microbiota—over trillions of microorganisms in the gut that do certain functions in metabolism and the immune system by providing vital inflammatory nutrients, mediators, and vitamins—can assist in regulating brain function through the “gut-brain axis.” The latest research also indicates that mental disorders can be treated by adjusting the intestinal microbiota, but there is no detailed evidence to support this. Therefore a group of scientists from the Shanghai Mental Health Center set out to examine if there was any proof to support the development of anxiety symptoms by controlling intestinal microbiota. The scientists found that probiotic supplements in 7 studies throughout their analysis comprised only 1 type of probiotic and two studies utilized a product that comprised two types of probiotics.

Recently, the scientists from Shanghai Mental Health Center along with their associates stated that the brain activity pattern might be an early sign of schizophrenia. Reportedly, schizophrenia is a brain disorder that makes delusions, hallucinations, and cognitive impairments and typically strikes in young adulthood or adolescence. While some signs and symptoms can imply that a person is at high peril for advancing the disease, there is no means to definitively identify it until the first psychotic incident occurs.

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