VW launches Its eGon: An Educational And Driveable EV Skeleton

How do you demonstrate the interior operating of electric vehicles without resorting to plain cutaway videos and images? If you are VW, you make a rolling skeleton mounted on wheels. The firm has revealed an eGon model that strips down the e-Golf to its interior workings, but stays driveable. You would not take it on the streets, but you can get a feel for how everything combines together when it is operating. You will also find QR codes all over the vehicle to offer more data about separate elements.

The eGon will make its entrance at Hanover’s IdeenExpo, a youth-aimed tech and science show, from June 15, 2019, to June 23, 2019. VW is expecting to not only motivate the younger population, but to entice possible recruits. It is not specific if the stripped-down car will venture somewhere else. On the other hand, it would not be shocking if VW and other auto manufacturers employed ideas like this moving forward. Designs similar to this are not just a publicity attention. They can expose EV tech for a public just getting accustomed to the idea of getting rid of combustion engines.

Speaking if VW, the European Commission earlier claimed that it thinks Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen operated together to holdup clean emissions tech. Previous fall, the EU Commission rolled out an official probe to know if the auto manufacturers violated EU antitrust regulations by limiting rivalry on the making of emissions-lowering tech.

The Commission in a Statement of Objections has told that Daimler, BMW, and VW of its “introductory view” that they did in fact breach antitrust regulations indicating they also resulted in higher emissions and refused users the chance to purchase less polluting vehicles. Particularly, the Commission thinks that Daimler, BMW, and VW worked together with their AdBlue dosing plans and postponed the employment of Otto Particle Filters.

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