Vudu Reveals Its Initial List Of Original Streaming Content For Walmart

Earlier, media claimed that Walmart aimed to jump into the original video streaming industry with Vudu (its streaming service) in the years to come, with various “shoppable” original shows. The media also claimed that the service has disclosed its initial list of original shows, which will be free to watch and ad-supported.

Vudu declared in October 2018 that it was remaking Mr. Mom (the 1983 movie) for an original series, and declared some extra projects last week at a digital marketing event. Other shows comprise a travel/comedy show, Friends in Strange Places, a science fiction series, Albedo, an interview documentary series, Turning Point with Randy Jackson, Adventure Force 5, a remake of the children’s series, and Variety’s First Look (a weekly entertainment). The platform also claims that it is going to be trialing an interactive show later in 2019. The shows will air in 2020 and 2019.

Those original episodes will add to Vudu’s already widespread digital list of movies. The media claims that the series will be free for users, and that it will be supported by novel “shoppable in-stream advertisements,” which will permit consumers to purchase products squarely from the advertize, or get more data through e-mail.

Speaking of entertainment, the University of South Carolina got a strange donation lately: a complete collection of a comic book enthusiast from Ohio, summing over 180,000 books, comics, magazines, and other products, predicted to be worth almost $2.5 Million.

Some of the comics in the collection will be displayed on August 29, 2019, at the Thomas Cooper Library. The collection’s debut will also be accompanied by a sequence of occasions at the school, such as discussions by comic book artists and authors.

The collection comprises various rarities, comprising Avengers #1, which showed the first teamup in 1963 of Stan Lee’s creations, together with titles that launched characters such as Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Black Panther, and more.

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