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Use Of Xanax, Valium Increase Risks Of Miscarriage

Recently, researchers have given strict warning that taking a high dosage of Xanax, Valium and several other anti-anxiety drugs may lead to miscarriage. Most of people intake these drugs to fight with mood disorders. Scientists have also found that when these drugs are taken by women during their pregnancy then they become more prone to miscarriage during their first trimester.

While speaking to the press, Anick Berard stated that doctors should assist their patients whether they should take anti-anxiety drugs during pregnancy or not. She further said that doctors should also help women to improve their overall mood swings during pregnancy.

Berard and other researchers had attained data of more than 400,000 pregnant women, from 1998 to 2015. The research report stated that 6% of pregnant women had suffered from a miscarriage. The report also includes that out of 6%, 1% of women were on the anti-anxiety drug during pregnancy. Berard also said that no matter what anti-anxiety drug women were taking all those drugs were equally harmful.

Researchers also stated that alcohol consumption and smoking also causes a threat to the fetus during the early stages of pregnancy. During an exclusive press interview, Catherine Monk said that during pregnancy hormones of the body get disrupted due to which women become prone to insomnia as well as anxiety. Dr. Monk further said that more than 10% of pregnant women get affected by anxiety. She further said that most of the doctors prescribe benzodiazepines to women, instead of providing them mental counseling.

While speaking to the press, Dr. Rahul Gupta said that intense use of benzodiazepines during pregnancy can even cause premature birth as well as the low body weight of the newborn. Dr. Gupta further said that the present findings indicate that benzodiazepines cause a lot of problems and doctors should discuss every other complication with their patient.

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