Smartphone App To Detect Ear Infections In Kids—Study

Recently, programmers have developed an application which is known to identify infectious diseases of the ear in small children. In most of the cases, infection in the ear is caused after fluid starts to develop at the back of the ear-drum. Apart from excruciating pain, patients also suffer from hearing loss and it is often seen that the diagnosis of the infection alone gets too hard to detect.

To use the application, one has to have a paper, a microphone as well as speaker of the headphone. Due to the application, the mobile phone starts to emit small beats which a patient hears through the paper funnel. The application then detects the sound refraction and depending on that calculation it determines if there is fluid at the back of the ear-drum or not.

While speaking to the press, Justin Chan said that the sound emanated through the mobile phone is similar to tapping an empty wine glass. He further said people will hear different sound beats depending on the level of fluid present at the back of their ear-drum.

Basically, researchers had conducted the experiment on 53 patients ranging from 1.5 to 17 years of age. Half of the children have to undergo a basic surgery in which their ear tubes were removed whereas the other half has undergone tonsillectomy.

While speaking to the press, Dr. Sharat Raju said that during the study the team of researchers has undertaken premium methods to conduct surgery on patients. The application designed by expert’s basically recorded data 85% correctly.

During a press interview, Shyam Gollakota said that it was very challenging to make such an application. He further said that after the development of ear testing application, it is a big relief for concerned parents and health administrative department. Gollakota also said that it is very easy to use the application as it only requires a piece of paper as hardware.

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