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City Parks & Rural Landscapes—Infecting Grounds For Lyme Disease

A new study report that came on Wednesday revealed that due to an increased population of deer across America, a problem known as Lyme disease is arising which is affecting a large population which belongs to city dwellers. These deer have increased because of moving to suburbs from forests.

The tick of deer which spreads the Lyme disease is getting prevalent in city parks of New York which is famous for bacterial diseases. This disease is also getting prevalent in other Northeastern states.

Meredith VanAcker, the lead researcher of the spread of this disease said that they are expecting to find ticks at the places where the deer can survive and thrive.

Meredith is a student of graduation in ecology, environmental biology, and evolution department at the University of New York.

She added that in the past few times the population of tick has surprisingly increased and with this increase, the infection rate is also getting increased at endemic areas.

VanAcker said that the risk of getting infected with Lyme disease is equal at city parks as they are in rural and suburban areas. The disease called Lyme is caused by Borreliaburgdoferi which is a bacterial species. This bacterium gets transmitted through the bite of black-legged tiny tick which is called deer tick. These ticks have a size similar to poppy seed.

VanAcker explained that ticks are not infected with bacteria by deer which can cause Lyme disease, actually, the small mammals and birds are real culprits. The work of deer is to provide tick with home to grow and breed. The disease control center of the US said that Lyme disease has symptoms like headache, high fever, skin rash, and fatigue. This is a dangerous disease which if not get treated at the proper time can spread to the nervous system, heart, and joints.

The study revealed that the spread of this disease in humans is dependent on the availability of ticks of deer and mice and also the life cycle parts of ticks.

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