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California’s Data Privacy Law Likely To Bring Massive Changes In Internet In US

California is preparing to implement a new data privacy law, and the state’s attorney general Xavier Becerra, can’t help but think about Obamacare and its turbulent launch.

California State’s proposed Act for Consumer Privacy will put some seriously strict restrictions on how technology companies handle user data and collect them.

With its numerous parts, the law will force companies to disclose the data they collect; give consumers the choice to delete the data; and will also regulate the use of data in online ads. The law is supposed to be effective from January 1 2020, but Becerra worries that his office, responsible for its enforcement, is understaffed, which could result in the law collapsing from its weight.

California’s law will go well beyond the mandatory pop-ups on websites, an effect of the European Union’s GDPR, intended to notify consumers of the collection of data, and to obtain their consent.

Lobbyists, politicians and advocacy groups are scrambling to ensure the law works, and lawmakers are analyzing various amendments proposed to refine the law. They want to make the law as industry-friendly as possible. Industry experts caution against watering the law down before it comes into effect, as companies will promptly look for loopholes.

One of the most rigid provisions requires organizations to not sell data when requested, at any time. ‘Selling’ includes disseminating, disclosing, transferring or making available.

The law is expected to set standards for companies across the nation, as in all probability organizations wouldn’t want to develop multiple versions of their official websites to serve different states. Hawaii and North Dakota are among 9 states that are considering a similar law as in California.

The law also has rules for online advertising, whereby users are less likely to feel followed by ads, just because say, they read a news article about a product, or visited a particular brand’s website.

Becerra is hopeful when he says despite a rough start; Obamacare eventually did have millions of new sign-ups for its health insurance within a few months. With this law, he believes that, they will traverse paths untouched before.

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