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Avocados Likely To Be The New Hunger Killer, Study

Avocados, widely hailed as a super-food, are now termed a potential carbohydrate replacement as per new research published in Nutrients. Used in dinners, lunches and breakfasts, they have huge health benefits due to a combination of fiber and fats. Overweight volunteers who ate avocado during their meals had lower hunger levels than people on a high carb, low fat diet, after six hours. However, being funded by HAB is a major cause of skepticism over its claims.

Britt Freeman, from IIT Chicago, is a lead study author. Her team checked the result of using avocados as a carbohydrate replacement in meals, on satiety. With 31 obese participants, volunteers had a breakfast of oatmeal, honeydew melon and bagel sandwich on 3 different occasions.

Control meal had high carbohydrate and low fat content, while test meals included avocados. Calories counts remained the same, with higher fat and lower carbohydrate content in the test meals. The participants were then tested on various subjective feelings. Their blood samples were also taken for analysis. Avocado based meals provided a greater sense of satisfaction and fullness than control meals. Different molecules were in charge of satiety for the test and control meals. The control meals had insulin mediate satiety levels, whereas peptide YY, a gut hormone, was responsible for satiety levels after an avocado meal.

This may have crucial implications. Burton stated that he had initially hypothesized these findings based on previous work. This study helped understand the relationship between fiber and fat levels in food and satiety levels after a meal. Determining optimal meal constituents was not easy, but understanding physiological effects and food chemistry could help reduce obesity and allow personalized diets to emerge. Burton-Freeman stated that 31 participants were enough for the study due to statistical power analysis techniques. Funding was received from HAB. However, the association did not interfere with the study.

HAB has frequently funded studies showing positive effects of increasing avocado consumption in daily diet plans. However, there are also other diet plans that can provide the same nutrition, like nuts and formulated products. Nuts and avocados were, however, great instances of plant-based foods with a great inherent nutritional composition.

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