Justice Department Accuses Chinese Hacking Group For Anthem Hack

Last week, the Justice Department blamed a Chinese hacking group with performing one of the biggest criminal hacks in history of US health care that led to 79 Million users having their personal data stolen.

In the 4-count indictment mentioned by the Justice Department, executives blame Wang Fujie, 32, and one more unnamed man intruded computer systems in the US, comprising Anthem, a health insurance behemoth, and 3 other firms from February 2014 to January 2015.

“The defendants employed complicated methods to hack into the systems of the victim businesses illegally,” and “then deployed tools and malware on the negotiated devices to further compromise the systems of the victim firms.”

First informed in February 2015, the Anthem attack exposed personal sensitive data for almost 80 Million people in the US. As per the indictment, the attackers started with spearfishing mails that had hyperlinks to the victim firms. Once the victim tapped the hyperlink, a file might begin to install that used the malware, deploying a backdoor that offered the attackers access to the devices.

On a related note, Amazon and its merchants are now thought to be the prey of a considerable fraud campaign. A new public lawful filing obtained by the media has disclosed that Amazon informed a “serious” campaign that negotiated the accounts of almost 100 merchants from May 2018 to October 2018, draining them of money earned via sales and loans. While most of the info regarding the heist was not detailed, the Internet behemoth knew that the intruders modified details of the account for Prepay Technologies and Barclays.

Lawyers had asked a judge to perform searches of account statements at Prepay Barclays and Barclays in expectations of probing the fraud, bringing the fraud to an end, and tracking down funds.

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