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Ransomware Hack Holding Networks Hostage Of Baltimore

A ransomware hack took computers of Baltimore city government to a halt this week. The attackers are supposedly holding the files hostage of city, asking almost 13 Bitcoins (almost $76,280) to free the systems of city. So far, the city has quarantined the attack, the media claimed. But, in an interview, the city claimed that it is not certain when all of the networks will be working again.

Almost every division of the city government was impacted in some manner, although the fire, police, 311 systems, and emergency response remained up. The phones in the city are still active, and workers are at work. City Council did call off minimum one hearing on gun violence.

As per the media, the ransomware—an aggressive and new RobbinHood version—operated by locking the files with the help of encryption. The attackers are requesting payment in exchange for keys. A ransom note left on one city of Baltimore computer claims that the cost will increase within 4 Days. And after 10 Days, the attackers threatened that the city will not be capable of getting its info back. The Baltimore office of FBI is looking into the matter.

On a related note, the SamSam ransomware, which strangled the Atlanta city government previous year, netted its creators over $5.9 Million in ransom transactions, as per a comprehensive report by Sophos (the UK cybersecurity firm). The report, which shows activity of SamSam since its roll out in 2015, also discloses that a lone black hat attacker could have earned the complete haul by themselves.

Sophos was capable of identifying minimum 233 victims that gave the ransom and noted that the standard amount asked to open devices increased over time to almost $50,000″—vastly over the 3 figure sums typical of un-aimed ransomware assaults.” The total surpasses $5.9 Million.

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