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Trans Teens At High Sexual Assault Risk In Schools Without General Identity Bathrooms

A research study which was released on Monday states that if the transgender and gender- non binary students are not given permission to use their lockers and washrooms according to their general identity, this leads to more sex related assaults.

Gabriel Murchison, who is the main author of the study, informed that after conducting this study he cannot comment whether restrictions to the use of washrooms and lockers lead to sexual assault. The study author is a researcher at the Harvard School for Public Health in Boston. As per the author, it can be stated that such restrictions lead to the environment where assault cases can easily happen. In an email Gabriel informs that this observation will help the schools create a safer place for study for the transgender youth.

The study was carried on 3673 middle and high school students who are categorized as transgender and non-binary group. The data was collected across the schools in United States and stated that almost 26% of them encountered sexual assault in past year. The rate increased to 35% when the schools restricted their lockers and washrooms.

Boys who identify themselves as transgender females face most of the assaults when they are asked to use boys’ lockers and washrooms. Adolescents who are under this special category face more such assaults as compared to the other teenagers. As per the author, every parent wants their child to be safe at school. It is also a known fact that most of the sexual assaults take place at the lockers and washrooms. So this study will assist both the parents and the schools to be aware and take necessary steps to prevent this type of crime. The study suggests that there should be common restrooms for all genders. It also suggests that there should be curtains in locker rooms.

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