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UK Advertising Laws Need To Change To Include Online Political Ads

Election Commission now comes up with a new policy so that all the online political advertisements are transparent. They want to know who sponsored which political advertisement on the digital platforms. The agency wants online advertisements to have the same amount of information about who paid for these just like it is done in printed media.

Louise Edwards who is the regulatory director at the Electoral Commission informed that they are looking to frame a new law. This will help them know who paid for online campaigns and also for digital advertisements. Louise informed that the electoral commission suggested this change long ago, in 2003. Since then they are waiting for the government consultant to pass a rule on the same. When asked if she is getting impatient regarding this, Louise informed that she thinks that this is important and thus the electoral commission wants it in place.

On the other hand, the government informed that it is dedicated towards producing a digital policy for advertisements and online electoral campaigns. The authorities also informed that by end of 2019 they will be sharing the technical proposals. This will be long after the elections in Europe takes place. United Kingdom is a sure sought participant in this election.

Election Commission informed that at present online promotions are getting more and more important. The spending on online advertisements has been doubled as compared the general elections between 2015 and 2017.

Facebook has already started keeping a record about all the political promotions made on its platform. It is also keeping a track about who made these promotions. Louise thinks this is just an initial step and more information right from the advertisements will be needed. To keep matters under its control, Facebook has a new unit at Dublin. This unit will be responsible for tracking the online promotional records of the Parliament elections of Europe.

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