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Urine Test Will Now Detect Cervical Cancer, Research Reveals

Cervical cancer is one of the deadliest cancers that affects women but is also easily detectable and curable when diagnosed early. A potent method of doing so is a smear test. However, the process is such that women tend to get embarrassed and opt out of it. An alternate screening method would be really helpful in such a situation and it seems like the wish has been granted. Recent research revealed that a urine test could be as useful in detecting cervical cancer as a smear test.

HPV, which is the main virus responsible for causing cervical cancer, is detected in urine but it still needs more research to be done to be established as a recommended method. The reason why so much stress is being put on the test is because of the huge fall in the number of women reporting for a smear test for detection of cervical cancer. According to the NHS, the numbers have fallen to as low as 71%, which means that millions of women have been without a smear test for a long time. The success rate of the test is 75%, which shows that it is extremely important to prevent cervical cancer, mainly because it can detect abnormal cell changes prematurely.

The NHS urges women between the ages of 25 to 64 to get the test done regularly. Celebrities have also participated in campaigns asking women to ditch their inhibition and get tested as soon as possible. However, alternative using urine could prove to be the easiest way to get the test done. The study was performed on 104 women who had come to a colonoscopy clinic and their urine had a significant amount of the HPV. Thus, with the advent of this easy test could boost participation in women again. Self-tests at home using a speculum is being seen as another way of doing the screening on their own and it can prevent a lot of unwarranted death as well.

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