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Minimum Wage Hike With A Twist—From Presidential Candidate

John Hickenlooper, who is the candidate in the Presidential run for the democrats, has a wage hike offer. He is suggesting a $15 minimum wage for the federal. This offer comes with a catch!

Instead of unilateral hike in wages, he offers the rise basis the cost of the living of the region. John has been the governor of Colorado. The region experiencing highest cost of living will get this hike by the end of 2021 and the area with the lowest cost of living will get this hike by the end of 2024.

He disclosed the plan on Friday to The Associated Press. After this initial standardization, the minimum wages will be fixed depending on the cost of living of each region. In this way, the costliest parts of the country will see a continuous hike in the wages.

This suggestion has been supported by many Democrats. Hickenlooper also warns that this capping might be quite less in the expensive cities and high in the rural areas. He seems to be using his business strategies in the election campaigns. This Democrat candidate is the founder of a chain of restaurants and brewpubs. He stated that after this standardization, workers in expensive cities like Manhattan, New York and Kansas will get fairly paid. At present, the federal wage is $7.25, which is not enough in most of the American states.

The Democrats are planning on more economic policies to make people short towards their party. The party is resorting to more common sense management than high tech offers. John Hickenlopper has also suggested fighting monopolies in the country. While speaking at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on Friday, the presidential candidate informed that breaking up big corporate houses and data collection on anti-competitive policies require strict laws. Yet he did not support the idea of breaking up Facebook or Amazon.

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