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China Bets Big On Virtual Reality—Recent Study

VR theme parks are becoming quite popular in China. People are enthusiastic to visit these parks and get a taste of the virtual world. For example, recently Liu Zixing enjoyed a tour of the virtual world. In the process he cranked the neck, while trying to fix the goggles! Liu has taken a break from his business of the mining ore to travel to this theme park. He described his experience to shooting down robots from a fighter jet (virtual) to be amazing and almost like real. He described the experience with traveling in an airplane.

While some people feel that the enthusiasm for VR has cooled down a bit, the Chinese leaders are trying to keep up the hype. They expect to become the leader in this technology in future and thus it is important that people stay excited about this advanced technology which will get wider range of uses in near future.

The country wants home-based startups to use the virtual power. For this reason, it is educating the students, offering subsidy to offices, offering funds to committees and conferences related to VR.

The VR Star Park at Nanchang has more than 40 rides and also exhibitions. These include the VR type bumper cars. The VR base of this park still has several beautiful steel and glass made offices which the vacant. This city has a population of 5.5 million. It is the capital city of Jiangxi region. Nestled between the hills of South Central China, the city is mainly known for its copper mining and rice production. China’s authorities believe that the city will grow to be a hub for VR.

Xiong Zongming, who is the CEO of IN-UP technology, informed that VR is not completely necessary in the Chinese market at present. This is one of the firms which have been incubated by VR base.

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