Scientists Develop Breakthrough Patch That Prevents Muscle Damage Post Heart Attack

The results obtained from a recent study have shown that an innovative patch may prevent any damage of the heart muscle after a heart attack.

Damage or stretching of the muscles is common after a heart attack. A heart attack is the result of blockage or reduction in the supply of oxygen to crucial heart muscles. A high rate of stress can be subjected to these muscles gravely injuring them in the after process. This amount of damage is usually dependent upon the size of the area which is supplied by the blocked artery.

Despite the damage being done on the heart, it can take more than 8 weeks to heal the muscles. During this period, the heard is expected to continuously pump the blood throughout the body. A scar over the tissue of heart may form, and this can have a significant impact upon the rate of the blood pumped by it.

Most of those who survive a heart attack are prone to develop a coronary artery disease. This happens when the arteries become hardened and thinner. Survivors often have to switch to a strict life style in addition to plethora of medicines to decrease chances of any future heart related problems.

Scientists from different universities have collaborated to create a new category of adhesive heart patch. These patches were initially developed to test on rats. Success in current venture may open new areas for further trials.

The core idea behind this is to provide some mechanical support for the suffered tissues, which increases its chance to heal faster.

As the studies in past have suggested that the search mechanical properties of the patches are still going on. It is crucial to get that optimum mechanical property which may ensure that the patch can work according to its design added Prof. Huajian Gao from Brown University.

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