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Study Reveals Exposure Therapy Most Effective In Treating PSTD Combined Drinking

A new study suggests that a type of psychotherapy can result in a difference in recovery rates for the veterans with Post-traumatic stress disorder and Alcohol problems.

According to a San Diego Healthcare system’s researcher this newly dubbed prolonged expose therapy is providing efficient results than the earlier coping skills therapy in aiding such patients which have had a history with PTSD and alcohol issues.

Sonya Norman the leader indulged in the research study also added that the main takeaway for her was the disservice they were providing to the veterans, by all means veterans should be given the best possible care that is available for PTSD is what she said during a statement.

The finding from the research may provide aid to the veterans suffering from both PTSD and a drinking problem. While both of this are often noted at the same time, Alcohol abuse does not always give rise to alcoholism. Alcoholism which is a narrow term used to describe a person who is severely addicted to alcohol.

The study had included a total of 119 patients in which some were given the new prolonged exposure therapy and the remaining were subjected to a coping skills therapy which is also known as Seeking Safety.

Both the therapies led to a decrease in alcoholism and PTSD symptoms, but those who were subjected to the prolonged exposure therapy had a significantly low PTSD symptom and a high rate of PTSD exemption.

Despites such positive results critics have already questioned the use of exposure therapy for the patients. However, Norman had denied of any adverse effects which were directly resulted from use of this therapy. The patients suffering from PTSD and alcoholism have yet to show any negative effect from their current exposure. The team of the initial research hopes to attain only positive effects from the result.

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