France, NZ Wants Google, FB To Take Steps To Prevent Terrorism

Tech CEOs will be attending a summit in Paris with world leaders to discuss steps to prevent misuse of their platforms by terrorists.NZ PM Ardern and President of France Macron will host the summit, discussing how to stop extremist activity along with the top titans of the industry.

Videos of a gunman killing around 50 individuals at mosques was streamed live and shared via several social networking sites last month, which came under heavy criticism. The companies had been reprimanded for allowing this to happen. Ardern stated that this was a previously unseen way of promoting terrorism that had to be stopped immediately.

Macron has been vocal in his opposition to hate speech too. He stated that after the French and NZ terror attacks, the need of the hour is to curb hate speech online. Google and Twitter have confirmed their participation in the summit and that their top executives would be sent.

All social networking platforms were on the back-foot after they were used to share clips of the Christchurch shootings. Due to an increase in fake news reports, Sri Lanka has currently banned all social platforms.

Ardern has suggested that more effective steps could be taken like delaying live streams and preventing videos from being uploaded in case of a terror attack. However, these platforms continue to resist such moves. The PM once again reiterated that Facebook and similar companies should not become a tool for terrorism’s needs. Facebook has issued a statement, saying it was considering its next move and how it can cooperate with the government to form a law-abiding environment.

Google and Twitter have also described major steps they were currently taking to guard against hate speech and divisive content on their platforms and vowed to devise new ways to fight back. They said that they would constantly work in tandem with governments to build a safe internet and produce a global solution to this problem.

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