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Researchers Finally Identify The Source Of Methane On The Red Planet

During this week, scientists validated the existence of life on Mars by the indication of methane gas in the planet’s atmosphere and revealed the generation of the gas.

During the last 15 Years, just after the traces of the gas were reported in the Martian atmosphere by the European probe, the debate has been raised over the accuracy of analytical results showing the methane traced on Mars is same as that on Earth released by the living organisms.

The analytical data collected might have been giving variable results due to the rapid dispersive property of methane and due to the intricacy in studying Mars’ atmosphere.

Recently, the observation data collected through two different spacecraft in the Year 2013 is compared by an international team of scientists, to assure that methane is present on Mars. Additionally, two parallel studies were conducted by them to conclude the actual methane-releasing source on Mars. Till now, it is expected that the source of methane on Mars to be an ice sheet at the east of Gale Crater.

As per the data collected by Europe’s Mars Express probe on June 16, 2013, the concentration of methane measured in the atmosphere of Mars above the Gale Crater was 15.5 parts per billion. Around 24 Hours before, NASA’s Curiosity rover confirmed the presence of methane near to the location.

The team segmented the 250 square kilometers of the region around the crater into 250 square units based on data. One team focused to study each unit thoroughly by running a million computer-modeled emissions scenarios, while the other was busy in analyzing the images of the planet’s surface and comparing the features with the Earth based on the release of methane.

Through the evaluation of data, it is confirmed that there was a frozen methane sheet under the surface rocks. However, there is still no evidence about the presence of lifeforms on Mars.

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