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Study Reveals Higher Water Consumption In Teens Lead To Less Sugary Drinks Intake

Teens and kids who drink water are not as likely to consume sugary drinks compared to those who don’t. 8,400 teenagers and children aged between 2 and 19 were studied from 2011 to 2016 and consumptions during previous 24hrs were studied. 1 in 5 kids/teens did not drink water during the 24hrs before the survey, which led to them consuming extra 93 calories each day on an average. Also, 4.5% extra calories from juices, sports drinks, sodas and other sweetened drinks was consumed. Ethnicity, race and age affected extra calorie intake like Caucasian, Hispanic and African American children consumed extra 122, 61 and 93 calories respectively. Lead study author Asher Rosinger said that the study was only aimed at determining if drinking water impacted calorie intake and not the amount of water needed to prevent sugary drink intake. Hence Dr. Natalie Muth stated that the research couldn’t establish definite causes and effects between less calorie consumption and drinking water, but merely an association.

Greater amount of calories consumed could lead to risks of diabetes, obesity and weight gain, said Rosinger and team. Recommendations by American Heart Association suggest that kids over 2yrs of age should consume only 25g of added sugar per day. Moreover, kids should be limited to drinking one 8-ounce sweetened beverage per week. However, US children are found to violate the guidelines very often. American Pediatrics Academy and the American Heart Association have together recommended policy changes to local, state and federal lawmakers in order to encourage them to implement policies which would lower the threats and risks of sugary drink intake by children.

Muth said that parents should begin water intake in kids by the time they are 6 months old. They could additionally make drinking water a fun thing for kids by lemon or lime and mint or fruit infusion.

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