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Study Reveals Resting Heart Beat Can Predict Life Span

According to beliefs in the medical world, your health goes in the same direction as the resting rate of heartbeat that you have. This idea has been reinforced by a fresh study that discovered aged Swedish men having resting heart rates of about 75 beats in a minute contracted twice the risk of dying early, in spite of the rate falling well within normal range varying between 50-100 beats in a minute. This increase of risk held true for deaths from different causes as well as those linked to diseases of the heart.

Further, every extra heart beat in a minute increases an individual’s overall early death risk by 3%, while elevating their heart disease risk by 2%. Considering the results of this study, doctors world want to monitor the resting heart rates of people, opined Dr. Vincent Bufalino. He’s an expert at the Heart Association of America. Bufalino added that gradual increase in heart rates can cause trouble in the future for the health of your heart.

According to Bufalino, people could not have possibly been aware of the health impact level, arising out of resting heart rate’s changes. He’s currently the senior-level vice president as well as the senior director at the cardiology department of Naperville’s Advocate Health Care. Bufalino also commented that it would not be right to term resting rage of heartbeat as a fresh threat to heart health.

In fact, an increasing heart rate is probably a warning sign for already present risk factors of the heart like diabetes, cigarette smoking, elevated blood pressure as well as family history comprising heart problems. However, in case the heart rate is getting higher, it’s an indication of the need to be exceedingly vigilant about other health problems.

To conduct this study, the research team worked under the leadership of Dr. Salim Bary Barywani, hailing from the Academy of Sahlgrenska at the Gothenburg University. The team monitored nearly 800 men who are currently residents of Sweden and were born back in 1943.

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