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Study Reveals Purple Corn Likely To Give Relief In Diabetes, Inflammation

Recent research states that the chemicals present in purple corn have the capability to resist insulin and reduce the inflammation of diabetes. It is said that for the management and prevention of diabetes healthy eating habit is very important. For diabetes control, ADA recommends to eat grains, nuts, legumes, non-starchy vegetables and seeds.

Recent ADA recommendation report states that people who are suffering from diabetes should take help from healthcare professionals to get a clear idea regarding their diet for controlling their blood sugar.

When we look for diabetic solutions, then we do not consider corn as primary option. But it’s also a fact that these grains come in different colors and shades and the pigment present in these differently colored grains has chemicals in them which proves their potential in treating people suffering from diabetes.

According to a study done in the year 2017, it was proven that rats who consumed the blue corn had limited blood cholesterol, less fat and low blood pressure.

IIinois university’s researchers represented the data which show that complex photo-chemicals present in blue corns is very helpful in reducing insulin and inflammation.

For getting solution for diabetes, the researchers did study on 20 different varieties of corns for 4 years. They also used water for removing the corn’s upper layer called pericarp so that they can extract the chemicals.

The models based on mouse cell were used by researchers at laboratory for testing the pericarp extracts. The extracts of pericarp put a strong effect on alpha-amylase enzyme, which is very helpful in breaking down the carbohydrate compounds.  On exposing macrophages to these extracts, they found that the pro-inflammatory molecules were decreased. Macrophages also take part in inflammation.

Testing was also done on adipocytic extracts with pericarp by researchers. This extract was induced artificially for developing resistance from insulin. These extracts were really helpful in reducing the oxidative stress present in cells, which is protection remedy from insulin.

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