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Jack Ma Says Working For More Hours Is A Blessing For The Young

Recently, the owner of Alibaba had to face criticism from many after he stated that young individuals should work for long hours in IT companies. Mr. Ma also said that the younger generation should feel blessed if they get an opportunity to work for long haul hours.

On April 11, 2019, Jack Ma wrote on his personal account that it is a true blessing for an individual to work for about 12 hours per day, six days a week. The entrepreneur was debating on the balance between the professional and personal life of an employee. During March 2019, GitHub gave the concept of 996 ICU. The statement released by GitHub stated that if an employee works that long he or she would have to shift immediately into an ICU.

During a press event, Jack Ma said that there are many companies which underperform as their employees do not give their complete output by working on 996 routine. Jack Ma also recalled the years of his struggle when he along with other co-founders had to work long hours to build their company from scratch. He further questioned how a person would achieve success if he or she does not want to put in their every effort.

Contrary to this, many people on social networking sites are stating that only employers and company owners should work that long. Furthermore, Elon Musk had also advocated for long haul hours with which a person can attain success in his or her business.

Furthermore, Jack Ma also said that the decision of 996 should not be imposed on an employee or the company would get severely affected. He further said that if a person gets a job of his or her choice then there is no question of 996 as then people will ultimately love to work for a long time. Furthermore, it was also advised by some analysts that employers shouldn’t exceed working hours beyond 40 hours on a weekly basis.

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