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Feds May Take US Market By Surprise With Sudden Rate Hike, Says Medley Global Director

In an interview, Ben Emons, the Global Advisor of Medley said that the positive potential is higher in Asia and Europe than US.

Emons said that he is seeing that the American economy is rapidly moving towards trouble. He said that he is worried that this process will start increasing the interest rates and economic scenario by alerting Federal Reserves, which will turn into a shock for Wall Street firms.

On Thursday, in an interview, the managing director of Wall Street firm said that it’s a matter of risk that people are gently thinking that there will be no increment done in the rates of interests.

Emons said that investors get big force to their bucks residing in the UK. On the other hand, tensions and pressure are getting created in the market due to Brexit risks. He said that due to the disappearance of uncertainty or risks of Brexit, the UK market has got an opportunity to raised share market prices, which is found even larger than United States and Europe.

He said that in future huge profits will be gained by the economy of countries like China and other Asia’s small countries like Malaysia and South Korea because these countries contribute to those investors who are able to tolerate high risks.

Even he said in confidence that there will be a favorable resolution of trade war currently initiating between US and China. He explained by giving an example and said that even though South Korea is extremely sensitive towards the global market, it has lost its value.

He said that it is the place where so many revolutions are happening but still that country is underestimated by the global market. The reason is that they have slowed down their progress in comparison to the markets of other countries.

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