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Kratom Responsible For More Deaths Than Perceived Earlier

CDC’s new report revealed that in the past 17 months, 100 people died because of kratom, which is much higher than old reports. 27,000 and more reports of random drug overdoses were analyzed by CDC in Washington DC and over 32 states. This study revealed that 152 people had kratom inside their body and 91 among those died because of the drug. Prior this year, the FDA of US said that this drug was the reason for 44 deaths.

The CDC report revealed that those who were misusing this drug since a long contributed to 80% of the population of kratom carriers. Other substances were also found in their body. These other substances were heroin, tranquilizers, cocaine, fentanyl, opioids, etc. The author of the report said that this report might get underestimated as it represents that only 1% and even fewer people died due to kratom among overall deaths caused by an overdose of other substances.

The Association of American Kratom said that kratom is consumed by 5 million and more people every year with safety. It is consumed in the form of capsules, extracts, and pills. Some people smoke and chew its leaves and some use it in tea.

When taken less in dose, kratom acts like a drug which increases the efficiency of the nervous system. And when taken in large amount, they act as a pain-reducing drug, and that’s why it is considered as a remedy of getting free from cocaine and heroin addiction.

Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner compared the opioids with chemicals presents in kratom and said that they did not found any evidence which showed that kratoms can be effectively and safely used for medical purpose. He also indicated his concern for this issue. In the year 2018, Gottlieb said that kratom can neither be used over prescript opioids nor as a medical treatment.

DEA considers kratom as a matter of interest but refuses to call it a medicinal element after complains made by the public in the year 2016.

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