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Yelp To Give Health Inspection Report On Restaurants

Yelp is all set to provide health inspection reports on the restaurants. The company based on reviews from the crowd sources will now be expanding its program, LIVES, displaying health inspection of various types of businesses. The health score which run on a score of 0-100 scale provided for the rating, Yelp which collaborates with the HD Scores and local governments and aggregates the nationwide health reports.

Since the introduction of LIVES, business pages numbering up to 200,000 have health scores inserted by Yelp. The company further plans to project this feature on restaurants now across cities like Washington D.C., California, Illinois, Texas and New York. The data will be available in the form of reviews. The initiative taken by the company is something which has been welcomed with open hearts by the consumer and the health inspection scores have been utilized. This has made the restaurants to look on the hygiene and the health prospective too and has led to a decrease in by 12 % in restaurants with lower ratings than as compared to the higher ones as reveled by a study conducted by the Harvard Business School. This has begun a positive impact not only in improvement on the health issues which are to be taken into consideration by the restaurants but has even employed a healthy competitive environment for all the other businesses to follow.

Putting on the reports for the heath inspection provided for the restaurants comes up at a time when it was necessary for it to be performed. Earlier with not having health inspection reports the customers would be unaware of the health issues and could have been misguided. The inspection reports will be furthermore useful for not only the customers but also for the local governing bodies especially the department of health to convey their reports and scrutinizing them.

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