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Blue Canyon Is Doubling Up Its Workforce To Meet Increasing Demand

Blue Canyon Technologies, established in 2008 as a supplier of satellite components, is seeking to increase its workforce to meet the increasing demand. The company is expanding in the fields of components for spacecrafts, complete spacecrafts and mission operations has now acquired an additional space to room its 140 staffs in February. Furthermore the company targets to boost up its manufacturing space to double by 2020 and has plans to move into a facility of 80,000 square foot.

The firm’s growth is due to the expertise and lean processes. The “decades of experience” from the engineers of Ball Aerospace and University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics who founded the firm has helped to its rapid growth, attributes George Stafford, president and chief executive of BCT.

With many ongoing projects in hand from institutes such as NASA, Massachusetts Institute of Technologies, BCT needs to increase its workforce to meet the deadline. The company focuses on the needs of the small satellite missions and is now up to taking charge of the mission operations and complete spacecrafts.

The positive side of BCT is that it applies common software and hardware to many of the missions even though they have different objectives. Stafford says that they can plug and play whatever size they need be it 1000-kg satellites to miniature cubesats.

With current operation of five spacecrafts, this by the end of the year will be closer to fifteen, attributes Stafford. On the other hand the component business remaining and growing stronger comprises of selling of 52 units of star trackers, 153 units of reaction wheels and 25 altitude determination and control modules till date. The efficiency of the firm to meet its deadlines in the growing business and the increasing demand has made it a necessity for the company to increase its workforce.

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