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Google, FB To Face Senators Over White Nationalism

Google and Facebook have already faced a lot of issues related to racial discrimination after the allegations that their ad-delivery is targeted against certain communities. Along with it, both the technological giants are scheduled to appear in front of the Congress on Capitol Hill to answer lawmakers about how their platforms have been ruled by White supremacists.

This hearing is scheduled right after the incidence of a terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, where two mosques were attacked by terrorists and torn apart, killing 50 people in the process. The whole incident was live streamed on Facebook and artificial intelligence employed by them was unable to filter the content. Facebook and Google’s representative will appear in front of a panel of 8 people, which includes members of the Anti-Defamation group, conservative Turning Point group etcetera.

The main criticism being levied on Google is the fact that the search engines are used increasingly to spread hateful ideologies and YouTube hosted these content. The church attack just brought forward the fact that the situation was dire and needed immediate attention. It also proved that these platforms were mainly under the control of White fundamentalists who promoted their discernible activities. The two main take-backs from the live stream of the video were that how these platforms can be used to promote hate-filled propaganda to a large number of people and how it can be used as a mean of promotion.

Right after the incident, Facebook announced that it would ban anything related to white separatism and nationalism on multiple platforms after they had consulted adequately with the civil rights group. YouTube and Twitter have not issued similar bans but say that they have policy regulators for the same. The main reason for this hearing is to examine the crimes that are an uprising and the effect that the White nationalists have on the life of a common American citizen.

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