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Researchers Design 3D Printed Foot To Imitate Foot Wounds In Diabetic

According to a new training initiative at the University of South Australia, mixing flexible resin with chicken stock and icing of sugar can provide with the most authentic foot ulcers. Dr. Helen Banwell and Dr. Ryan Causby from the University suggested using the mix to be applied to new 3D foot. This design will be able to mimic both the infected and the non- infected feet wounds perfectly.

In these prints, the wound cavities are place at the right place. Each print is created in a week. The cost of each print is just $4. The prints are made with thermoplastic polyurethane. This kind of plastic has several properties, which include elasticity, transparency, oil and grease resistance. The last part of the print will be adding ulcer prints to the whole design. This is now possible with the new innovation from the researchers of the UniSA University. The podiatrists from the University are now capable of designing anything from oozing pus to the dry gangrene.

These prints are extremely important to educate 4th year podiatry students about how to deal with feet ulcers and other high level feel ailments. This was stated by Dr. Banwell. According to the doctor, right treatment of feet ulcer was extremely important because there has been an increase in the Type 2 diabetes in the country in recent years.

Diabetes and foot wounds are directly linked with each other. A minor cut in the feet of a diabetic patient can led to critical health conditions for the patients, like feet ulcers, wounds in the lower limb and amputation issues. Foot diseases in diabetic patients often lead to disability. The statistics for this kind of health condition is even worse than some kind of cancers. According to an estimate provided by Diabetic Foot Australia, at a given day almost 300,000 people can be at risk of developing this disease.

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