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A New Kind Of Airplane Wing Is Demonstrated By NASA And MIT

Reportedly, a radically new kind of airplane wing has tested and built by a team of engineers, assembled from 100’s of tiny identical pieces. To control flight of the plane, the wing can change shape and a significant boost in the production of aircraft, maintenance efficiency and flight could be given. Greater flexibility in the design and production of future aircraft could be afford by the new approach to wing construction. As per the reports, in a wind tunnel of NASA, the new wing design was tested and is designated in a paper in Smart Materials and Structures journal, which is written by Nicholas Cramer, a research engineer from NASA Ames in California.

To control the pitch of the plane and roll, instead of requiring separate movable surfaces like ailerons, just as conventional wings do, it has been made possible by the new assembly to deform the whole thing, or parts by it, by combining a mix of flexible and stiff components in the structure of it. The tiny sub-assemblies are then covered with a thin layer of identical polymer material just as like the framework, which were attached to form a lightweight, open lattice framework.

According to researchers, the result is a wing, which is lighter, and therefore more energy efficient, as compare to those conventional designs, whether made from composites or metal. As the structure including 1000’s of tiny triangles of struts like matchstick, which is mainly composed of empty space, a mechanical metamaterial is formed by it, which combines low density of an aerogel, the extreme lightness and the structural stiffness of a rubber-like polymer. Jenett describes that for individually phases of a flight, landing and takeoff, maneuvering, cruising and so on, each has its personal, different set of optimum parameters of wing, so a conventional wing is mandatory.

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