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Amazon To Launch Project Kuiper For High-Speed Broadband Connectivity

Amazon is known for its ambitious ventures and the latest is in providing satellite facilities. It plans on launching more satellites to provide a network with high-speed internet facility.

Amazon will be launching 3,326 satellites with high-interest speed. This will have faster speed with lower orbit than the ones used currently, says the company.

SpaceX has already come up with the idea earlier and has successfully launched low orbit satellites on testing. It further plans on launching 4,425 satellites with the low-orbit internet services. Similarly, OneWeb has launched six satellites and will be offering 650 more in such services from space.

High-internet speed will be particularly useful for the rural areas that are located away from the city. Broadband internet connectivity is becoming a necessity in the current era.

Kuiper Systems is the name provided to the Amazon constellation, according to a statement made by the company. It is a new initiative which will be most useful to the un-served communities around the world, says Amazon. About tens of millions of people will be connected with the broadband internet. The company further says that it is prepared to partner with other companies with the same vision.

Though not much details are provided about the proposed constellation, it will materialize soon says Amazon. Details such as who would be building the satellites and when they will have them in orbit are yet to be published.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon has also founded Blue Origin which is involved in launching, New Glenn, a reusable rocket for commercial and government satellites.

Amazon’s constellation is proposed to circle the Earth closer than other broadband constellations. It is estimated that it would take at least a decade to complete the project. Many other companies are pushing to get the satellite-based Internet service. Competition is large, especially from many startups like Astrocast, Swarm Technologies, and Space Global.

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