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Vitamin C Can Prevent And Treat Chronic Disease

Dr. Harri Hemilä from the Helsinki University in Finland along with Dr. Elizabeth Chalker from the Sydney University in Australia recently authored a paper regarding a study on Vitamin C. It has been featured in the Nutrients journal and in it they have explained the method in which they discovered evidence that was statistically significant, leading them to the resultant conclusion.

A pool-basis data analysis from around 12 trials discovered that administering Vitamin C to patients led to a reduction in the duration spent in ICU or intensive care units by approximately 8%. The authors have not claimed the evidence to be enough for justifying ICU practice changes. However, they maintain their findings to serve as conceptual proof and an indication that further research is required to determine vitamin C’s effect on patients in the ICU.

The researchers have stated that In future studies, the relationship between dose and response needs to be investigated carefully. Further, intravenous and oral administration needs direct comparison. Basically, ICU constitutes a department in the hospital taking care of critically ill patients, suffering from life-threatening illnesses. These patients get round the clock care, along with life support administered by specialized teams.

Reasons for ICU admission may include heart failure, traffic accidents, stroke, major surgery, terminal and chronic diseases, serious infections and severe burns.

Vitamin C has been considered to be integral to the health of human beings. However, a human body is incapable of manufacturing or storing the vitamin and hence, has to depend completely on food sources for vitamin C.

The vitamin has been described by scientists as functional ingredient of food since it is active biologically and is capable of effects that have been proven clinically in preventing, managing, and treating chronic diseases.

The workings of vitamin C within the body have been found to be intricate and complex. Controlled trials in the past have revealed vitamin C to shorten durations of common cold, reduction in blood glucose levels of diabetics, reduction in blood pressure levels, opening of constricted airways as well as reduction in atrial fibrillation rates.

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