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Bacteria Travel Thousands Of Miles Using An Invisible Air Bridge: Research

Assumptions regarding the migration of bacteria, usually thought to occur via animal and human carriers, might not be complete, as per the novel research. The latest study discovered that microbes have an ability to travel thousands of miles distance through the air. The scientists’ theory, referred to the “air bridge,” stands on the fact that DNA sequences noted in bacteria of different hot springs across the world turned out to be the same.

Konstantin Severinov, Principal Investigator, Waksman Institute of Microbiology, is the senior author of the study. He proclaimed, the latest study suggests that there must be a planet-wide method that ensures the exchange of bacteria between distant places. The scientists studied a category of bio-signature named bacterial “memory” that demonstrates how bacteria interact with viruses. As per the researchers, “memories” are passed down from virus-infected bacteria through parts of bacterial DNA named CRISPR Arrays.

On a similar note, another recent study highlighted that thousands of untimely deaths in the U.K. are occurring owing to the individuals spending long hours of time by just sitting down. The study outcomes were published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The study from Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University has discovered that, during 2016, about 11.6% of casualties in the U.K. were linked with sitting down for long hours.

Sedentary behavior including less movement and walking has been earlier associated with early deaths owing to diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, metabolic syndrome, womb cancers, lung diseases, mental health issues, and bone & muscle diseases. The research team highlighted that approximately 69,276 deaths were avoidable and might have been prevented if individuals did not sit for about six or more hours a day. Approximately £700 Million of the NHS expenditure is on diseases that can be avoided by minimizing the prolonged sitting, says the research.

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