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Spark Mail Might Come To Android Just As Google’s Inbox Bids Adieu

As media claimed recently, users’ days with Google’s Inbox are very few, leaving them with an email judgment to make very shortly. Since this is such an essential decision, you are possibly still in search of the best option to Inbox, presuming you have not made a decision to switch back to Gmail. One new option is projected to arrive when Inbox is supposed to bid adieu—Spark Mail.

Spark Mail has been on macOS and iOS for quite a time as an influential, yet suitable mail alternative with functions such as reminders, snoozing, follow-ups, scheduled sends, smarter notifications, batch archiving/deleting, and integrations with services. But like most Apple-pleasant applications, there has never been an Android app for Spark Mail. That might alter soon. With Inbox been gone soon, Spark has employed the chance to spread word about its plans for Android. They are not being ultra-precise, but have answered to consumers on Twitter to recommend that their Android edition will release soon.

Earlier, Newton Mail claimed that it is closing down, marking the official end of the subscription-supported premium email application. Newton was the newest 3rd-party email application casualty. It joined the group of “gone but not forgotten” applications such as Mailbox and Sparrow, who are another victims of the fact that it is actually difficult hard to come up with email apps’ viable business model.

Newton Mail (earlier dubbed as CloudMagic) was initially a free service prior to it transitioned to a subscription-based & paid model a couple of years ago. The service provided apps for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android (a rarity for 3rd-party email applications) in addition to a series of clever functionalities such as automatic organization in inbox. With the imminent closedown, Newton disabled new logins and claimed it will not renew monthly subscriptions.

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