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Gut May Be The Key To The Fountain Of Youth For Heart Health

Why do blood vessels stiffen naturally and degrade as we grow old, driving the risk of cardiovascular disease? New research from University of Colorado Boulder has verified a shocking new culprit and it resides in your gut.

“This is the first research to display that alterations in the gut microbiome with aging have an unfavorable affect on vascular health,” claimed Vienna Brunt, lead author and a Department of Integrative Physiology’s postdoctoral researcher. “It unlocks up a whole new place of possible interventions to avoid cardiovascular disease.”

For the research, posted in the Journal of Physiology, scientists gave old mice and young mice wide-spectrum antibiotics to stop the majority of bacteria residing in their gut, also known as their gut microbiome. Then they evaluated their vascular endothelium’s health and their large arteries’ stiffness.

They also calculated tissue-damaging free-radicals, blood amounts of inflammatory compounds, nitric oxide (the blood-vessel-extending compound), and antioxidants in both groups. After 3–4 Weeks of the therapy, the young mice witnessed no modification in vascular health. The old mice, on the other hand, witnessed vast enhancements on all measures.

On a related note, people who sleep fewer than 6 Hours every night might be at an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease in comparison to those who sleep for almost 7–8 Hours, recommends a new study posted in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Poor quality sleep elevates the jeopardy of atherosclerosis, as per the study.

“Cardiovascular disease is a primary worldwide issue, and we are treating and preventing it employing various methods, comprising physical activity, pharmaceuticals, and diet. But this research claims that we have to add sleep as one of the factors that we can use to battle heart disease,” claimed José M. Ordovás, senior study author, to the media in an interview. “This is the first research to show that objectively calculated sleep is independently related with atherosclerosis all over the body, not just in the heart.”

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