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China Is About To Surpass The US In AI Research

In July 2017, the Government of China issued an ambitious policy document, summarizing how the nation might turn into the world leader by the year 2030 in AI. But by some events China has already been successful in this objective—a decade earlier than schedule.

A new research proves that China’s findings of influential AI research documents will soon overhaul that of the US, the present number leader in AI research all over world. The result recommends that China’s aim to extend its AI abilities with the assistance of generous government spending in both private industry and educational facilities is paying off.

In terms of sheer volume of AI documents posted every year, China overtook America earlier in 2006, but critics have highlighted out that quantity does not unavoidably equals quality. China has well-recognized issued with scientific fraud, and in AI there is a pigeonhole of Chinese study as incremental. For these factors, some have recommends that counting the sheer volume of documents is not unavoidably a significant metric for AI accomplishments.

On a related note, Intel earlier declared plans to start a joint AI research lab in Israel. The hub will be operated in partnership with Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and Intel AI Research. Besides Intel operations in the United States on the West Coast, Intel AI Research has headquarters in Beijing, China; Bangalore, India; Munich, Germany; and one in Haifa—that has often used graduates from Technion. Scientists contributing to the mutual AI research hub will be selected from the school’s electrical engineering, computer science, and industrial engineering sections.

“Technion aims to extend its plans in the fields of intelligent technology and machine learning in the coming few years, and the joint partnership with Intel is one of the first measures for this cause,” professor Boaz Golany of Technion, claimed to the media in an interview.

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