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Snapchat Resembling Filters Now be Seen On YouTube As Well

YouTube has recently decided to permit its creators to apply for the AR selfie filters, which can be added to their YouTube Stories. YouTube has similar concepts like Instagram and Snapchat added such as the 3D hats, animated masks, and glasses. However, Google affirms that it’s popular machine learning techniques help it make the selfie filters the best one used till date.

The search engine giant has clearly mentioned that its unique collection of insightful technologies helps it create a perfect 3D image using a single camera and no other in-depth sensors. The new machine learning technology named Augmented Faces API is excellent at cropping the faces and also reducing the background noises and capturing every movement more realistically. This is something similar to the Animoji found in Apple phones but it can very well function without the latest iPhone camera technology. There is also an option that has been made available and it is the permission to allow adding filters to the pre-recorded videos. The current tool can identify camera imperfections, light issues and compensate accordingly that is by simulating the light reflections observed in the AR glasses and also add in virtual shadows to bout the natural light. As per the company, the filters let makeup effects look more realistic.

However, the major drawback is that it is to date available only for YouTube creators who own channels with 10,000 subscribers or more. The filters are also accessible to the developers utilizing the new ARCore SDK, which means that the developers can use the AR filters in a video game working on Unity or an app utilizing Sceneform. While not many can use the filter tool in YouTube but it is definite that this technology might integrate into other apps in the coming days. Though it may seem similar to Snapchats features the search engine giant is sure to set an example. Immediately after the pedophile scandal, YouTube has completely removed the comment section on the videos featuring children. This was to stop the online harness the child has to go through, the capture of vulgar images, morphing, derogatory comments, and sharing more of linked videos.

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