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Russia’s Geopolitical Opponents Ready For High-Tech Battles In Space

In recent time, General Valery Gerasimov—First Deputy Defense Minister and Chief of the Russian General Staff—stated that modern disagreements are characterized by magnetizing means of political, economic, informational pressure, diplomatic, and a demonstration of military influence in the interests of developing the efficiency of non-military measures. Seemingly, Russia’s geopolitical competitors are outfitting to wage wars aligned with a “high-technology adversary,” by using the high-precision space-based weapons and air-based weapons and aggressively performing data confrontation, Gerasimov stated during a conference on advancing a military strategy.

Gerasimov further added, “Consequently, the search for balanced strategies for conducting war with a special adversary is of supreme importance for the advancement of the theory and perform military strategy. We require elucidating the content and essence of military strategy, the standards of preparation, prevention for war and its conduct.” He stressed that under such conditions, the RAF (Russian Armed Forces) should be prepared to conduct armed conflicts and wars of a new type that utilizes “asymmetric” and “classical” methods. It is essential to develop the methods and forms for the assistance of armed forces, chiefly in the sphere of planned deterrence, in addition, to improve the state defense structure.

On a similar note, recently, Russia space agency mulls on constructing a rocket plane having a nuclear engine. Roscosmos—Russian space agency—is thinking to build a space plane powered by a nuclear reactor, as reported by a Russian news agency. This step can “reshape” the industry for space launches, the document stated. Reportedly, a rocket plane is an airplane controlled by rocket engines. The conventional jets are proved to be better for atmosphere-only flight, but this kind of vehicle found its role application as a reusable spaceship, most particularly as the Space Shuttle program.

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