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China’s Lunar Program Studies About Stones On Moon’s Distant Side

Reportedly, China’s lunar rover has carried a scientific detection on some stones on the distant side of the moon, which may assist scientists to find out whether they are native to the moon or from outer space. The Jade Rabbit-2 or rover Yutu-2 was sent to the Von Karman in the SPA (South Pole-Aitken) Basin on the distant side of the moon in the Chang’e-4 plan. Presently, the rover has passed through 127 Meters on the moon and is taking a “noon pause” as the temperature on the moon increases extremely high. It is planned to restart working soon and change to its latent mode, as per to the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program of the CNSA (China National Space Administration).

Researchers stated the rover has performed scientific detection on nearby stones and its tracks. The biggest stone noticed is of a diameter of about 20 Cm and the rover arrived around 1.2 Meters to it. Expertise from the NSSC (National Space Science Center) under the CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) stated they wanted to decipher the source of the stones, whether they are indigenous on the moon or meteorites from the outer space and if they are indigenous, what is the physical method of their configuration. Consequently, due to the tidal locking consequence, the moon’s revolution cycle is similar to its rotation cycle, and it—for all time—encounters the earth with the same side.

On a similar note, China intends to launch its personal Mars probe in the next year. Reportedly, China’s space agency scheduled to launch an investigation to Mars in the next year, after its latest successful landing on the Moon’s distant side, as per to a statement from the country’s well-known space scientists. The declaration came in advance of the meeting of the CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), basically a legislative advisory group of delegates across the Chinese political spectrum.

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