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Celestial Buddies’ Toy’s Space Journey Has Made It A Celebrity

SpaceX’s launch of first Crew Dragon spacecraft reach the International Space Station from the US soil along with flying astronauts also took a plush blue and green toy “orbs.” After Planetary Pal Earth’s takeoff, the orders for it started immediately pouring in. According to Celestial Buddies’ Vice President Jon Silbert, the company’s anthropomorphized planet Earth toy was aboard with the Crew Dragon passengers during its uncrewed test flight to the orbiting laboratory was something the company got to know about later via Elon Musk’s tweet.

The basic idea behind it was to show a live video of the toy floating inside the vehicle due to microgravity when it enters the orbit. The tiny Celestial Buddy will be floating in the zero-g which will definitely be a treat to watch. The Celestial Buddies’ has experienced such a demand for its products for the first time in 8 Years since the company had started. NASA astronaut and Expedition 58 flight engineer Anne McClain made a video wherein the little Earth, she, and the crew along with the spacecraft, Ripley, were introduced so as to show the life inside in a spaceflight.

SpaceX’s idea of taking the Planetary Pal Earth to space has given its developers a chance to taste success within just 15 Minutes after taking flight.  The fancy idea of carrying the toy in order to represent the microgravity experienced by spacecraft when in space is worth applause. SpaceX’s Crew dragon capsule has successfully landed on to the Earth after docking at the floating lab, the International Space Station. This is definitely going to change the complete perspective of NASA regarding future space travels. By the end of the year, NASA astronauts may land on the International Space Station with a new mission. The test flight will help understand how humans would feel when on the spacecraft right before they even are aboard.

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