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Scarring Brought To Minimal In Cosmetic Surgeries With The Latest Device

According to researchers from the State University and Binghamton University, they have developed the latest device that can help reduce scarring at the time of surgery.  The new tool helps control skin tension lines that play a very important role in wound repairing after the surgery.

The orientation of the collagen fibers under the dermis layer causes skin tension lines making the human skin a complex tissue exhibiting unique properties. During the surgery, the lines are important as they help direct incisions which are known to produce visible scars. Even though there are many skins tension guidelines present for surgeons to make incisions to create invisible scars and the skin anisotropy is believed to differ from people to people; however, there is no single guideline universally identified to date as the perfect one that can be applied for all surgical applications. According to Guy German from the Binghamton University, the skin is easily stretchable in one direction compared to the other and also the property of the lines has been known since a long time so as to help guide the surgeons to reduce the scaring by making incisions according to skin tension line maps or manual manipulation to locate skin tension lines.

The surgeons consider the manual manipulation as inaccurate and even the skin tension lines vary between individuals which renders maps also invalid. The latest device is the most accurate than any manual tests or devices as it is more efficient and uses only a solitary test that lasts seconds for analyzing the skin tension orientation. The device will one day become common equipment in the operating rooms. Scientists from Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) have developed a mobile skin bioprinting system which will be the first-ever tool that will permit layer by layer printing of skins directly on the wound. It is bliss for the patients wanting a quick healing process to treat large wounds or burns.

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