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Robot Chemist And Machine Learning Can Revolutionize New Molecule Studies

A team has recently developed a robotic chemist which is believed to revolutionize the entire process of developing new molecules by making use of machine learning techniques. According to the University of Glasgow chemists, they have created a robot that is made using an artificially-intelligent organic chemical. This robot will help analyze an enormous amount of chemical reactions in a shorter time span. The new system using machine learning algorithms is anticipated to help unfold some more new reactions and molecules.

The new technique can help lower the production costs and also discover many molecules for drugs, new chemical entities including polymers, molecules, and materials for further applications in the imaging. The robots 80% accuracy helped it use new chemicals for novel molecules and reactions development. Out of which one of the reaction has been termed as the most peculiar reactions now till date. The team headed by Professor Lee Cronin from the University of Glasgow is the pioneers behind the novel discovery and incorporation of machine learning algorithms in the synthesis robots. This new-fangled and potentially positive technique is hoped to help search for new drugs, unique molecules in the chemical space within a shorter time span, lower wastage, low expenses, and high safety so as to help push the chemistry in the direction of the new digital era.

The researchers are expecting the new approach to open a new door for the digitization in the chemistry using a digital code that can drive autonomous chemical robots. A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a new method using machine learning for building unique and highly efficient capacitors along with the help of the U.S. Office of Naval Research, who is training a computer to start the analysis of materials at atomic levels. The use of computational techniques with conventional techniques based on quantum mechanics can enhance the analysis procedure as well as built highly potential capacitors.

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